Congratulations to New Team
TASLPA Team 2021 President- Dr.Nagender Kankipati, Secretary- Dr.Imad Khan Ruman, Treasurer- Dr.Garima Vegivada, EC Members: 1. Dr.Sarala Rani, 2. Dr.Madhusudhan Reddy, 3. Dr.Vivek Srivastava, 4. Dr.Satheesh Sakinala, Advisory Committee Members: 1. Dr.Ganji Srinivas (Apollo Srinivas ), 2. Dr.Premnath Balla and 3. Dr.Rajendra Kumar Porika
Free Hearing Aids Distribution Camp At Khammam on 13.12.2020
World Stroke Day Awareness Video 29th October 2020
Created and Voice-over by TASLPA Life Member(M259) Dr. Venkata Udaykiran Valasala, ASLP Pvt Practitioner from Khammam
Brain stroke causes Temporary or Permanent Paralysis of One side of the body and it affects Speech, Balance, Memory, Cognition and Vision of the Patient.
Speech and Language Therapy helps you to recover your lost ability to Speak. Don't Neglect... Consult your Nearest Speech Language Pathologist. For more details visit ; Ph: 9347696528

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